Services for Solicitors

Are you looking for a reliable architect who can resolve some of your client’s property related problems? From finding the right site, to planning issues and conveyancing, DMA work closely with the best solicitors to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

Benefits of working with DMA

1. Registered Architect accepted by Law Society for all conveyancing work.

2. Swift and precise turn around of all documents.

3. Clear advice on feasibility and potential of your client’s land.

4. Clearer visions of the property in the form of photorealistic models.

5. Resolution of tricky planning problems.

DMA are registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.

Services to solicitors

1. Planning checks- history of planning on lands as well as their future status.

2. Opinions on Compliance.

3. Land Registry Maps.

4. House hunting for remote clients. We can find your clients the ideal lands for their development.

5. Resolution of issues relating to Building regulations.

6. Resolving site boundary issues.

7. Resolution of issues related to planning enforcement.

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